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If the set has "n" elements, then you can make 2n different subsets. The number of subsets will always be greater than the size of the set, both for finite and for infinite sets.

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Q: Can you relate the number of elements of a set to its number of subsets?
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What determines the number of subsets in a set?

The number of elements. A set with n elements has 2n subsets; for example, a set with 5 elements has 25 = 32 subsets.

What is the Formula for the number of subsets in a set?

If the set has n elements, the number of subsets (the power set) has 2n members.

How do you get the number of the subsets in a set?

A finite set with N distinct elements has 2N subsets.

How many subsets with an odd number of elements does a set of 10 elements have - Can you explain?

512 subsets

How does cardinality relates to number of subset of a set?

If a set has "n" elements, then it will have 2n subsets. This number of subsets is always larger than the number of elements - whether the set is finite or infinite.

How many proper subsets does a set with four elements have?

A set with n elements has 2n subsets. The number of proper subsets is one less, since 2n includes the set itself.

The number of subsets in a set with five elements?


How many subjects does a set of a elements have?

The number of subjects will depend on what the elements of the set are. The number of subsets is 2a.

What is relation of elements and subsets?

Elements belong to subsets: subsets contain elements (from the parent set).

How do you determine the number of subsets in relation to the universal set?

If the universal set, U, has N elements then it has 2N subsets.

How is it possible for a set to have an odd number of subsets?

It is impossible. If a set has n elements, the cardinality of its power set [the number of its subsets] is 2n which must be even.

What does find the number of subsets mean?

That means, figure out how many different subsets a set has. In general, if a set has n elements, it has 2n different subsets.

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