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A convex polygon is one with no angle greater than 180 degrees.

A non-convex polygon is one that is not without such an angle.

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Q: Differentiate convex and non convex polygon?
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Differentiate convex polygon from non convex polygon?

A polygon is convex if it has no two points that can be used to define a line segment that falls outside of that polygon. Another way to put it is: a convex polygon has all vertices pointing 'out'. Consider the following 6-sided polygon: _ ' | |_ |__| Well you get the idea. The 'notch' cut out of the square turns the square into a six sided figure now, with the 'corner' in the upper right pointing 'in' so the polygon is not convex.

Is the sum of the interior angles of a convex polygon the same as a non-convex polygon?

No. In a convex polygon the sum of the interior angles is (n-2)*180 deg where n is the number of interior angles. In a non-convex polygon this is not necessarily true.

What is the difference between convex polygon and non convex polygon?

A polygon is convex if you can take any two points inside the polygon and connect them with a line segment that is completely contained by the polygon. A non-convex polygon is one which contains at least two points such that the line joining them does not lie entirely inside the polygon.

Is the sum of interior angles of a convex polygon the same as a non convex polygon?

Yes, the angle sums will be the same regardless of whether or not it is a convex polygon.

What is a definition for non convex polygon?

A simple polygon that is not convex is called concave, non-convex or reentrant. A concave polygon will always have an interior angle with a measure that is greater than 180 degrees.

How do you determine whether a polygon is convex or non-convex?

No interior angle of a convex polygon can exceed 180 degrees. A non-convex polygon has at least one reflex angle (> 180 degrees). Alternatively, a polygon is convex if, given any two points on or inside the polygon, the straight line joining the two points must lie wholly on or inside the polygon. In a non-convex polygon, it is possible to find a pair of points such that the straight line joining them lies outside the polygon for at least some of its length.

What does a non convex polygon look like?

A non convex polygon would have an exterior angle less than 90 degrees making it look concave at that vertex.

What is a non convex shape with three sides?

I believe the fewest number of sides in a planar, non-convex polygon is four.

What the difference between convex and non convex polygons?

In a non-convex (or concave) polygon, at least one interior angle is a reflex angle. An alternative definition is that if you take any two points inside a conves polygon, the line joining them is wholly inside the polygon.

What is non-convex and convex?

These terms describe polygons. To identify a polygon as convex, we draw a segment from any vertex to any other vertex. This segment cannot go outside of the polygon. Non-convex is concave. If we draw a segment from a vertex to any other vertex, at least one of the segments will go outside of the polygon.

Which term describes a polygon with no dents in it?

A convex polygon.I suspect that what you mean is a convex polygon.

Is the following polygon convex or concave?

is this a polygon? is it concaver or convex