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Not all parallelograms do but a rhombus does.

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Q: Do parallelograms have four congruent sides?
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Do all parallelograms have four congruent sides?

No but a rhombus does which is a type of a parallelogram,

Are angles and sides of a parallelogram congruent?

In all parallelograms, opposite angles and opposite sides are congruent. If all four sides are congruent, it's a rhombus. If all four angles are congruent, it's a rectangle. If all four sides and all four angles are congruent, it's a square.

Why a parallelogram does not a rhombus?

A rhombus is a quadrilateral that has four congruent sides. It makes a parallelogram. Not all parallelograms have 4 congruent sides. Some have two pairs of opposite sides congruent.

Are the faces of a parallelogram congruent?

Parallelograms have sides. Opposite sides are congruent.

How often does a parallelogram have four congruent sides?

A parallelogram with four congruent sides is called a 'square.' In order to answer how often, we would need to establish the rate of incidence of all parallelograms.

What is a four-sided polygon with opposite congruent sides?

Parallelograms (including the rhombus, square and rectangle)

What is a four-sided polygon with two pairs of parallel sides and two pairs of congruent sides?

any parallelogram because parallelograms are polygons with four sides.

Are all rhombuses parellelograms?

All rhombuses are parallelograms because to be a parallelogram you only have to have four sides and have opposite sides congruent.

What parallelograms have congruent opposite sides?

All of them.

Are parallelograms opposite sides congruent?


Are all rectangles are parallelograms but not all parallelograms are rectanges true or false?

That is true. A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel to one another. Special types of parallelograms include a rhombus (all four sides also congruent to each other), a rectangle (all four interior angles measure 90o), and a square (all four sides congruent and all four interior angles are right). A rectangle is a special case of a parallelogram, therefore all rectangles are by definition parallelograms but not all parallelograms are rectangles.

Do all parallelograms have diagonals which bisect?

Yes; all parallelograms have diagonals that bisect each other. Other properties of parallelograms are: * The opposite sides are congruent. * The opposite sides are parallel. * The opposite angles are congruent.