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Yes normally because any number that can be expressed as a fraction is rational

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Q: Do you think a mixed number is a rational number?
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Are mixed numbers a rational number?

A mixed number is a rational number. Mixed numbers are not a rational number but many of them.

Is there any exemptions of mixed number being rational number?

The answer depends on what you mean by a mixed number. A mixed fraction, for example, is always a rational number - without exception.

Why are mixed numbers rational?

Because they can be expressed as a fraction

Is a mixed number a whole number?

Is a rational number an integer

What type of number 17.3?

It is a rational number and also a real number.

Can the set of mixed numbers is the union of the set of integers and the set of fraction?

No, the set of mixed numbers is a subset of the set of rational numbers. For example the mixed number 1 ¼ is the same as the improper fraction 5/4 [a rational number]. Note that it is a subset, because integers are also rational numbers, but a mixed number will not be an integer. Also, any fraction between 0 and 1 will not be a mixed number.

Is -4.7 a rational number?

4.7 is already a rational number. If you mean as a mixed number, this is equal to 4 7/10 or four and seven tenths.

Is 2.7064 rational or irrational?

This number is rational - all fractions, including decimal fractions and mixed numbers are rational.

Are all mixed numbers rational?

Yes.A mixed number is a whole number plus a fraction.Fractions are rational, that is of the form c/dWhole numbers are rational - put them over 1 to form a[n improper] fraction a/b, eg 5 = 5/1The sum of two rational numbers is rational.

Is making a mixed number into an improper number a method to compare rational numbers?


Is negative 9.6 a rational number?

-9.6 is a negative, real, mixed number. It's the ratio of -96 to 10, so it's rational.

Is a mixed number a rational or irrational number?

If you can write the whole thing down on paper with digits, then it's rational.