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If you want to multiply the monomial by the polynomial, yes. In that case, you have to multiply the monomial by every term of the polynomial. For example:

a (b + c + d) = ab + ac + ad

More generally, when you multiply together two polynomials, you have to multiply each term in one polynomial by each term of the other polynomial; for example:

(a + b)(c + d) = ac + ad + bc + bd

All this can be derived from the distributive property (just apply the distributive property repeatedly).

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Do you use the distributive property with a monomial and a polynomial?
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