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No. 7b - 2b = 5b

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Q: Does 7b minus 2 equal 5b?
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How do you solve 2 bracket X minus B bracket equals 5B plus 3 making X the subject?

2 [x - B] = 5B + 3Perform the indicated multiplication on the left side:2x - 2B = 5B + 3Add 2B to each side of the equation:2x = 7B + 3Divide each side by 2 :x = 7/2 B + 3/2

How do you factor -5b2 plus 7b-2?

It is: (-5b+2)(b-1) with the help of the quadratic equation formula

Negative parenthesis 3a plus 7b parenthesis minus 8a minus 4b plus 2?

Numerically, if the question looks like this:--(3a + 7b) - 8a - 4b + 2Then the answer is this:--3a - 7b - 8a - 4b + 2= -11a -11b + 2

What is the answer to 3 times 7b minus 2?

The question is worded amibiguously. Do you mean 3(7b)-2, or 3(7b-2)? 3(7b) - 2: 2 = 21b 2/21 = b 3(7b -2): 21b - 6 = 0. 21b = 6 b = 6/21 = 2/7.

What are 2 equivalent expressions for 5b plus 5b?

5b + 5b = 2 x 5b

-5b - 12 -2?

Not sure how the problem is set up as I see a space between the minus sign and the 12 but not between the minus and the 2. But, using the numbers as written: To solve for b, you must form an equation (-5b -12 -2 = 0). Next you must separate the known numbers from the unknown by adding the sum of the knowns to both sides of the equation (-5b = 14). Then divide both sides of the equation by -5 to find the value of b (b = -2.8). No no no no no. It is -5b-14 because the -5b has no relation to the others so it stays as it is and then -12-2=-14 thus getting -5b-12-2=-5b-14. Cool.

What is 112b squared minus 46b minus 126?

It is a quadratic expression which can be factored to (7b+9)(8b-7) after dividing all terms by 2

What does minus 2 minus 3 equal?


How does five minus two equal 4?

Five minus 2 does not equal to 4

What does -1 minus 2 equal?


What does 2 minus 2 equal?


What is 2 plus 2 minus 1 plus 3 minus 2 equal to?


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