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It indicates Division

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Q: Does the word quotient indicate addition subtraction division or multiplication?
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What are operators in Java?

That refers to any symbol used to indicate some calculation. Here are some examples:+, -, *, / (for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) ++, -- (to add or subtract one) (or), && (and)

The symbol used to indicate the multiplication operation is?

Some people just use a simple x. Others will use the asterix * . If you looks on your keyboard where the number pad is located, it has the addition subtraction multiplication and division keys marked on the top right four keys.

Why are numbers combined with operations of addition subtraction multiplication and division?

Because if you did not combine them then you would have only one number: the number 1. You would not have 2 which is 1+1 and similarly no larger positive integers. Nor would you have negative integers which are obtained by subtraction. There would be no other rational numbers which are obtained by division. All in all, arithmetic would be pretty much useless.

Does difference indicate subtraction?


When using the order of operation to evaluate an expression would you always multiple to division?

NoRestate the question: When using the order of operations to evaluate an expression would you always do multiplication before division?If this is not your question, please clarify and ask the question again. :-)No. Unless parentheses or other grouping symbols indicate otherwise, you do multiplication and division in order from left to right.

What are words used to describe subtraction?

There are several words used to indicate subtraction. Minus, deducted, subtracted from, decreased by, less than.

What is the roman numeral for 5280?

MLCCLXXXImproved answer:(V)CCLXXX or VCCLXXX but with a horizontal line above the numeral V to indicate multiplication by a thousand.Numerals in brackets also indicate multiplication by a thousand.

What is a way to indicate addition?

You can indicate addition by using it's sign "+" or saying add/plus.

Does a ratio indicate division?

A ratio can indicate division. If you have a ratio, x:y, then it can be thought of as x/y.

Who invented subtraction sign?

The minus, negative, or subtraction symbol is derived from a tilde written over "m" that used to be used to indicate subtraction. It might also be a shorthand version of the "m" itself.

What is 5000 and 1000000 in roman numerals?

(V) and (M) or V and M but with an horizontal line above the numerals to indicate multiplication by a thousand. Numerals in brackets also indicate multiplication by a thousand.

What is 10000 as a Roman Numeral?

(X) or X but with a bar above it to indicate multiplication by a thousand and numerals in brackets also indicate multiplication by a thousand.