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The length of an arc on a circle of radius 16, with an arc angle of 60 degrees is about 16.8.

The circumference of the circle is 2 pi r, or about 100.5. 60 degrees of a circle is one sixth of the circle, so the arc is one sixth of 100.5, or 16.8.

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Q: Find the length of the arc on a circle of radius r equals 16 inches intercepted by a central angle 0 theta equals 60 degrees?
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A central angle of a circle of radius 30 cm intercepts an arc of 6 cm Express the central angle in radians and in degrees?

A central angle is measured by its intercepted arc. Let's denote the length of the intercepted arc with s, and the length of the radius r. So, s = 6 cm and r = 30 cm. When a central angle intercepts an arc whose length measure equals the length measure of the radius of the circle, this central angle has a measure 1 radian. To find the angle in our problem we use the following relationship: measure of an angle in radians = (length of the intercepted arc)/(length of the radius) measure of our angle = s/r = 6/30 = 1/5 radians. Now, we need to convert this measure angle in radians to degrees. Since pi radians = 180 degrees, then 1 radians = 180/pi degrees, so: 1/5 radians = (1/5)(180/pi) degrees = 36/pi degrees, or approximate to 11.5 degrees.

A circle equals how many degrees?

A circle equals 360º.

The measure of an angle formed by two secants intersecting inside the circle equals?

½ the sum of the intercepted arcs.

Find the lenght of a chord that cuts off an arc of measure 60 degrees in a circle of radius 12?

The radial length equals the chord length at a central angle of 60 degrees.

How do you find the radius of a circle if the central angle is 36 degrees and the arc length of the sector is 2 pi cm?

The measure of the central angle divided by 360 degrees equals the arc length divided by circumference. So 36 degrees divided by 360 degrees equals 2pi cm/ 2pi*radius. 1/10=1/radius. Radius=10 cm.

Is every circle in the world equals 360?

The perimeter of a circle measures 360 degrees.

How do you divide circle in 8 equals parts?

You divide 360 degrees by eight (there are 360 degrees in a circle) so each section would be 45 degrees.

What is the length of the arc on a circle of radius r equals 5 yards intercepted by a central angle theta equals 70 degrees?

To work out the length of the arc on a circle, you need to work out the proportion of the full circle that the arc represents. This is the proportion of the circumference of the circle. The circumference of a circle is 2 times pi times radius or 2{pi}r A full circle has 360o so an arc created between 2 radii with an angle of ao between them has a length that is a/360 that of the full circle, ie length of arc = 2{pi}ra/360 Thus, for a circle of radius r=5yds and angle=72o, the length of the arc is: 2x{pi}x5x72/360 = 2x{pi}x5x1/5 = 2x{pi} ~= 6.28yds

360 equals D in a C?

360 degrees in a circle

The measure of an angle formed by two secants intersecting outside the circle equals?

The measure of the angle formed by two secants intersecting outside the circle is one-half the difference of the intercepted arcs. Example: Major intercepted arc is 200o and the minor intercepted arc is 120o. 1/2 (200-120) = 40o ... The measurement of the angle formed by the two secants is 40o. I HOPE THIS CAN HELP YOU :))

If you have a circle and the measure of the arc AB equals 80 and the measure of arc CE equals 16 which is the measure of EDC?

32 degrees

Why do all the sections in a full circle have to equal 360 degrees?

I think it's because 360 degrees always equals 100%.