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how do you draw an picture for an improper fraction
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The bigger number at the top smaller number at the bottom

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Q: How do you draw a picture to show an improper fraction?
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Draw a picture to show what will happen if there was no air?

draw a picture to show what will happen if there was no air

Show 9 29 as an improper fraction?

It is not possible.

How do you show a length as an improper fraction?

it is...........two divided by three

How do you draw a picture to show how to use doubles to find 8 x 4?

Draw a picture to show how to use double to find 4times8

What number is a whole number summed with a proper fraction?

A fraction. Usually a mixed fraction or improper fraction, depending how you decide to show the result.

Can someone help me with this question its for a test that I need to do Please help me Explain or show how you can turn 4 23 into a improper fraction?

Do you mean 4.23 into an improper fraction? If so then it is 423/100

How do you draw the fraction to show four ninths?


Can you show you a picture of polygons?

draw a square, that is a polygon. We have no say to draw pictures here.

How do you draw light energy?

draw a picture of a light bulb and show light coming from it then label it light energy

How do you Show 27.27 meters as a mixed fraction?

27.27 meters = 2727/100 meters as a mixed number. As an improper fraction 27.27 = 2727/100.

How do you Draw a picture describing how force and motion act on an object?

Show a picture of a football player kicking a ball.

How do you show answers in math?

You have to explain your answer. So when it says; Show your work or Show how you got your answer you should draw a picture or explain it.