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Q: How do you solve for x when a plus x equals b?
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Y equals mx plus b solve for m?


How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8?

How do you solve 4y plus x equals 8

If 2 plus 2 equals x and x2 equals y and y-x equals a and a plus y equals b what is b?

in order to solve this problem you have to solve for x first wich you are given the data to pre forme so x=4 and x.2=8 and 8=y and y-4=4=a=x so a+8=12 and 12=b

Y equals b plus x plus x2?

y=b+x+x^2 This is a quadratic equation. The graph is a parabola. The quadratic equation formula or factoring can be used to solve this.

Solve for x and y. ax plus by equals a-b bx-ay equals a plus b plus b?

Your two equations are: AX + BY = A - B BX - AY = A + B + B Because you have four variables (A, B, X, Y), you cannot solve for numerical values for X and Y. There are a total of four answers to this question, solving each equation for X and Y independently. First equation: X = (A - B - BY)/A Y= (A - B - AX)/B Second equation: X = (A +2B +AY)/B Y = (BX - A - 2B)/A

How do you Solve the formula y equals mx plus b for M?

the answer is: (y-b)/x = m y = mx + b y - b = mx (y-b)/x = m

X plus y plus z equals 9 and x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 and x plus 5y-3Z equals -7 solve for x and y and z?

Can you help with this equation? Thanks. Solve for x and y and z for the following. x plus y plus z equals 9 x plus 2y plus 3z equals 23 x plus 5y plus -3z equals -7

When you solve for x what is x plus 13 equals 22?

X +13 equals 22, X equals nine

How do you solve for y in the equation y equals mx plus b?

If y = mx + b, then x = (y-b)/m (for m not equal to zero).

W plus x equals 2y plus z for x?

you can not solve this equation

How do you solve x plus 5 equals 9 plus x?

The equation does not have a solution.

If x2 - 13x plus 42 equals x plus Ax plus B then A plus B equals?

2x - 13x + 42 = x +ax + b a + b = 2(x - 6.5x + 21) = 34 = a + b