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Sixteen divided by two times itself three times

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Q: How do you work out an algebraic expression problem?
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What does mean to simplify a algebraic expression?

What does it mean to simplify an algebraic expression?It means to take the problem to the lowest point you can take it to.

Is 2x 3y18 an algebraic expression?

Yes. Any problem you see with variables (any letter in a problem) is an algebraic equation.

Worded problem on rational algebraic expression?


What is a math problem without equal signs?

An algebraic expression

How many terms are there in the algebraic expression in this problem 3y plus 9 plus 7x?

There are 3 terms in the algebraic expression of: 3y+9+7x

What is a algebraic expression for Hans earned 20 less than ericka problem?

Hans earned 20 less than ericka algebraic expression

What is the antonym of algebraic expression?

There is no official antonym for algebraic expression. The only thing that is the opposite of an algebraic expression is something that is not an algebraic expression.

What is a math problem without equal signs called?

An algebraic expression

Write a word problem that can be evaluated by algebraic expression y - 95 and evaluate it for y equals 125?

what is the word problem that can be evaluated fby the algebraic expression y-95 and evaluaate it for y=125

What is aalgebraic expression?

A + B = C x = 2 + 6 It is an expression used to show an algebraic problem.

What does it mean to evaluate an algebraic expression?

meaning to evaluate the variable in an expression. An algebraic expression is also a problem that contains no equals sign and you don't solve it, rather you simplify it.It means to solve something.

Differentiate of polynomial and algebraic expression?

A polynomial is always going to be an algebraic expression, but an algebraic expression doesn't always have to be a polynomial. In another polynomial is a subset of algebraic expression.