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It depends on the condition of the brakes and the road.

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Q: How long does it take a car to stop while traveling at a speed of 55 mph?
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How long does it take to drive 506 miles with 4 stops?

Depends on the speed when traveling, and how long you stop. We cannot give you an answer based on the information at hand.

How long to drive 1517.61 kilometers?

you need the speed you will be traveling at: example if you are traveling at 100 Km/h you divide distance (1517.61) by speed (100Km/h) = Time 15.1761 hrs (assuming no stops for fuel or breaks). d/s=t d=distance, s=speed, t=time. If you have to stop for fuel or breaks then just add for the time you stop.

In a brake test a truck traveling 85 miles per hour can decrease its speed by 73 percent every half second Approximatly how long will it take for the truck to stop?


When you double your speed in a car how long does it take to stop?

Double the time it takes to stop with normal speed.

A train traveling 50 mph takes approximately how long to stop?

1 mile

Do large trucks take longer to stop than a car traveling at the same speed?

Yes. Because the truck is heavier.

What take longer to stop than a car traveling at same speed?

Anything with greater mass (weight) than that car.

If your traveling at 60 km drunk how long does it take to stop?

Much longer than if you were sober.

How much farther stopping distance does a tractor-trailer truck traveling at 55 mph will typically need compared to an automobile traveling at the same speed?

h w many feet will it stop in

How long does it take a car to stop traveling at 30mph?

5 hours what kind of car????????????? any mods????????????????

What is the Equation for deceleration?

a car traveling at 35mi/h is to stop on a 35-m long shoulder of the road.

720 miles takes how long to drive?

Depends on the speed, and how long you can drive non-stop.