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Nine hours.

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Q: How long will it take bob to bike 81 miles if he is biking at a speed of 9 mph?
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How long would it take to travel 130 miles on a bike?

That depends on your speed.

You bike at 10 miles per hour at this speed how long will it take you to bike 30 miles?

Three hours (30/10 = 3).

How long does it take to bike 26 miles?

It really all depends on the speed you are going.

How long will it take you to bike 225 miles at a speed of 15 mph?

15 hours

If you are riding a bike for 6 miles then how long would a trip take at a normal speed?

24 minutes

If you are riding a bike for about 8.7 miles then how long would a trip take at a normal speed?

about 2 hours

How long is the Williamsburg bridge in miles?

It is 1.2 miles running or biking. (And it is a great ride).

If you are 130 pounds how long do you bike to lose calories?

Biking for 45 minutes will burn 100 calories.

How long does it take to ride a bike four miles?

if your speed is 4 miles per hour it takes an hour,at 8mph it takes 30 minutes.

On a stationary bike how long would it take to ride 20 miles?

Since a stationary bike doesn't move, there's no way it can travel 20 miles. Now, if you're asking how long it would take to ride twenty miles on a bicycle, it depends on speed, wind, and other factors. Typically a bike maximum speed is about 20 miles per hour. So it would take about an hour to ride 20 miles on a REGULAR moving bicycle.

How long would it take to bike to the sun?

You can't bike to the sun because there's no road. It's roughly 150,000,000 km to the sun. Divide that by your biking speed in km / hour, and you'll have the answer to the question I think you intended to ask (in hours). It will be a LOT of hours.

How many miles on a road bike is considered a good workout?

It's not about the miles, but rather about how hard and how long you're riding. Road biking is a lot about endurance, so between dedicated riders it has to be 2-3 hours or more to "count". If you're not that into biking a sort of general definition of a workout is about one hour at an elevated heart rate.

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