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Q: How many 8 x 4 inch bricks are needed to cover 750 square feet?
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How do you convert linear miles into square feet?

That is impossible, because linear miles are a 'length' and square feet cover an 'area'.

How many bags of fertilizer are needed to fertilize a yard measuring 60 feet by 80 feet if one bag will cover 100 square feet?

The yard is 60ft * 80ft = 4800ft2. One bag covers 100ft2. 4800ft2/100ft2/bag = 48 bags

How much fencing is needed for a 4791 square feet backyard?

The distance around 4,791 square feet depends on whether it is a square, a rectangle, or a really long, narrow rectangle.

How much gravel do you need to cover 252 sq ft?

The amount of gravel needed to cover 252 square feet depends on how thick (that is, deep) you want the gravel. If you want the gravel to be 3 inches thick... Convert the measurement to the same units. We'll use feet. 3 inches = 1/4 foot Multiply the thickness times the area to get volume in cubic measure. 1/4 feet x 252 feet = 63 cubic feet Gravel in the US is usually sold by the cubic yard, which is 27 cubic feet Thus, 63/27 = 2 1/3 cubic yards 2 1/3 cubic yards of gravel will cover 252 square feet of area to a dept of 3 inches.

How many 16 foot x 6 inch boards are needed to cover 264 square feet?

264 sq feet = 16 feet x ? 264 = 16 x ? 264 / 16 = ? 16.5 = ? so, a shape that is 16 feet by 16.5 feet has an area of 264 sq feet. So, you now need to determine how many boards (measuring 16 feet by 6 inches) fit inside a shape measuring 16 feet by 16.5 feet. draw this on paper to help you...remember the units. you need 33 16 foot by 6 inch boards to completely cover a shape 16 feet by 16.5 feet.