How many revolutions in a circle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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By definition of the word, "revolution", there is only 1 revolution in a complete circle. You may be trying to ask a different question, such as how many radians are in one revolution. That answer is 2pi radians.

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Q: How many revolutions in a circle?
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How many world wide revolutions?

How many world wide revolutions?

How far does a 73 centimeter bicycle travel in 27 revolutions?

Find the circumference of the circle and multiply it times 27 and thatll be how many centimeters its traveled.

How many revolutions is 960 degrees?

2.67 revolutions.

A and B travels along a circle of circumference 100 meter a completes 5 revolutions in one minute while B completes 4 revolutions calculate how many times does they face each other in one minute?

8 times

How many pages does Only Revolutions have?

Only Revolutions has 360 pages.

The diameter of a wheel is 6cm how many complete revolutions will the wheel make if it rolls a distance of 108pi cm?

Since it'll be rolling around the outside of the circle, the distance traveled will be in some multiple of the circumference. So, dividing the distance by the circumference will give the answer. C = πD = 6π revolutions = distance / circumference = 108π / 6π = 18 revolutions

When wheel b turns 2 revolutions wheel a turns 5 revolutions when wheel a turns 40 revolutions how many revolutions does b turn?

Its 16

What is 0.5 pi equal to how many revolution?

One revolution around a circle is 360 degrees or 2*pi radians. To solve for revolutions, you set up the ratio of revolutions to radians as follows and solve for x: x/(pi/2) = 1/(2*pi) x=(pi/2)*(1/2*pi) = 1/4 revolutions

When wheel B turns 2 revolutions wheel A turns 5 revolutions When wheel A turns 40 revolutions how many revolutions does wheel B turn?


How many revolutions will a car wheel of diameter 60 cm make as the car travels a distance of 5 km?

That the formular for the circumference of a circle (pii D)The answer should be 4.254

How many revolutions does the object make during the first 4 s?

9.55 revolutions

How many complete revolutions are needed to draw the angle 725?

Two complete revolutions.