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A triangular block prism has four right angles on each of the three faces, so the total 'on all the faces' = 12.

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Q: How many right angles on all the faces has a triangular prism?
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What are the angles on a triangular prism?

There are normally three rectangular faces and so their angles are all right angles. But there are no restrictions on the angles of the triangular faces other than that they sum to 180 degrees.

How many 90 degree angles does a triangular prism have?

A triangular prism has three rectangular faces which, between them, will have 4*3 = 12 right angles. It also has two triangular faces and these can have another 2 right angles. So the answer is 12 or 14, depending on whether the triangles are right angled or not.

Does a triangular prism have any right angles?

A triangular prism can have right angles. If the prism has two triangular ends, then each of the three 'sides' meets each of the ends at right angles.

How do you fit cubes into a triangular prism?

You cannot since the triangular prism has faces meeting at 60 degrees - all the faces of a cube meet at right angles. You can have small cubes sitting within a triangular prism but they cannot "fit" into it.

What has 3 rectangular faces 2 triangular faces and 6 corners?

A right triangular prism.

How many right angles does a triangular prism have?

It has 12 right angles. 4 on each rectangular side. 3*4 = 12

How many right angles are there in a triangular prism?


How many right angles on all the faces of a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism has six faces; each face has four right angles. There are 24 right angles in all.

What is a 3d shape that has 2 triangular faces and 3 rectangle faces?

a right prism

Does a triangular prism has two identical face?

A right triangular prism has two identical faces. Two faces may or may not be identical in an oblique prism, in which the lateral edges are not perpendicular to the bases.

How many right angles does a triangular prism have all together?


How many right angles are in a triangular -prism?

14 if the triangular cross section has a right triangle, 12 otherwise.

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