How many square meter per person in a gym?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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one person requires 9 square meter area in gym

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Q: How many square meter per person in a gym?
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How big is a 20 meter gym in square feet?

5 by 5!

What metric unit would you use to find the Area of a gym?

square meter

How many square feet does a gym floor have?


How many lengths to swim in a 15 meter pool?

40 lengths of a 15m pool at the gym today can you tell me how many calories in ...

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Is gym suitable for old person?

Yes, a gym is very suitable for an older person. The more exercise an older person gets the better.

How many person-hours does it require for 8 painters to paint a gym in 6 hours?


What is the square footage of a gym floor?

40 feet

What is the definition of 'gym instructor'?

A gym instructor is a person who instructs physical activity within a gym based environment

How many square feet is a gym floor?

Gyms come in all sizes. The area of the floor is found by measuring the length by the width. A typical high school basketball court is 84 by 50 so the gym floor might be 90 by 60 or 5400 square feet.

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