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Answer: 208 ft² = 19.3238 m²

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Q: How many squared meters in a room 16 feet by 13 feet?
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How many square meters in a room 13 feet by 10 feet?

The area of the room in feet would 130 feet squared (A= length x width) then, convert to meters 1 foot= 0.3048 meters so, you would get 39.624 meters squared

How many square feet in a room that is 12.3 meters squared?

12.3 (square meters) = 132.396098 square feet.

How many square meters in a room 30 feet by 11 feet?

I belive it's 30x11, which is 330 meters squared

How many square meters do you need for a room that measures 22 feet by 13 feet?

1) First convert to meters 22 feet = 6.7056 meters 13 feet = 3.9624 meters 2) then multiply 6.7057 x 3.9624 = 26.5706657 meters squared

How many square metres is a room is 18 feet long 20 feet wide?

18 feet is 5.4864 meters (says google, just type "18 feet in meters") 20 feet is 6.09600 meters 5.4864 * 6.09600 = 33.4450944 meters squared (AKA square meters).

What is the area of a 15m2 room?

15 meters squared is the area of the room. You find area by multiplying the length of the room times the width. The result is square meters or feet.

How many square feet are in a 14 by 23 room?

322 feet squared

How many square meters in a room 32.2 feet by 12.7 feet?

A room 32.2 feet by 12.7 feet has an area of: about 38 square meters (37.99 square meters).

If a room is 10ft x 6ft how many square feet is that?

60 feet squared

In a room measuring 12 feet by 13 feet how many square meters?

Answer: The room's area is 14.4928 square meters.

How many meters squared are there in a room 4 metresx5 meters?

4*5 = 20 metres2. Simple!

If you have a room of 3.6 meters by 3.7 meters what is the square meters of the room?

3.6 * 3.7 = 13.32 meters squared

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