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There can be as many as you like.

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Q: How many terms are in the simplified expressions?
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How many terms are used as expressions?

There is no limit to the number of terms that are used as expressions.

What is a process for evaluating expressions called?

Algebraic expressions can be simplified by combining together like terms but there are no solution because they don't contain equality signs

How can algebraic expressions be simplified?

In many ways. It really depends on the algebraic expression. If several terms are added/subtracted, you can usually combine similar terms (terms that have the same combination of variables). If variables are multiplied, you can combine the same variable, adding the corresponding exponents. Sometimes expressions get simpler if you factor them; sometimes you have to multiply out (in other words, the opposite of factoring). Quite frequently, you have to use a combination of methods to simplify expressions. Take an algebra book, and look at some of the examples.

What is cot x sin x simplified?

To simplify such expressions, it helps to express all trigonometric functions in terms of sines and cosines. That is, convert tan, cot, sec or csc to their equivalent in terms of sin and cos.

What is simplifying the expression?

Algebraic expressions contain alphabetic symbols as well as numbers. When an algebraic expression is simplified, an equivalent expression is found that is simpler than the original. This usually means that the simplified expression is smaller than the original. There is no standard procedure for simplifying all algebraic expressions because there are so many different kinds of expressions, but they can be grouped into three types: (a) those that can be simplified immediately without any preparation. (b) those that require preparation before being simplified. (c) those that cannot be simplified at all. <3 Tiffany ur welcome

What is alegebrac expressions?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

How do you classify algebraic expressions?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

What are algebraic terms and expressions?

An expression consists of algebraic terms and has no equality sign

What are the parts of an expressions that are added or subtracted?

Terms of an Expression

How do you simplifly rational expressions?

Combine 'like' terms.

What is -2(-3)(-4) simplified?

They are three terms of an expression that can be simplified to: 3p -31

What is -51 over 70 simplified?

It is already simplified and in its lowest terms as -51/70