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That can vary a lot, depending on the thickness of the cardboard, as well as its consistency (it may be more or less densely packed).

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Q: How much does cardboard weigh per square inch?
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How much does 1300 square foot of aluminum siding weigh?

1500 pounds

How much is 1 inch of rain on a square meter?

Taking 1 inch to be about 2.5cm, an inch of rain on an area of 1m2 is approximatley 0.025m3, or 25000cm3. That is 25000ml or 25l of water.

How much does aluminum roofing weigh per square?

Per square what? (Metre? Foot?) You haven't fully asked the question. A "square", when referring to roofing and siding, is 100 square feet.

What are two different strategies to use to find the area of a figure?

Assuming that it's not some shape that can be described by a formula, then here are 2 ways of finding the area:One way would be to copy the figure onto some graph paper, then count the squares that it covers. Partial squares could be estimated to the nearest 1/2 square, for example. Then use the scale that the graph paper was made to change squares to an actual area.Another way would be to draw it onto some cardboard, then cut out the figure and weigh the shape. If you know how much a known amount of cardboard weighs.For example, if a certain cardboard weighs 10 grams for a 10 cm by 10 cm (100 cm²) area. That is 0.1 gram/cm². Then you trace the shape onto the cardboard then cut it out, and weigh on a precision scale. If the shape weighs 3.6 grams (for example), then (3.6 gram)/(0.1 gram/cm²) = 36 cm²

How much water on one square foot will one inch of rain produce?

12" x 12" x 1"= 144 cubic inches, which is equal to .623 gallons therefore a one thousand square foot roof receiving one inch of rain will catch 623 gallons.

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How much is one square inch of cardboard?

One square inch

How much does one square inch of aluminum weigh?

That would also depend on the thickness of that square inch!

How much does air weigh per sq inch?

14.7 pound per square inch

How much does 5in of styrofoam and cardboard weigh together?

You need more information.5 inch cube? Sphere? 5" thick of unspecified dimensions?What is the density of the Styrofoam? What is the thickness and density of the cardboard? (weight per square inch?).If you are creating something new, and wish to find a weight per square foot, per example, then you can probably get the required information on the WWW, or from your vendor.

How much does a square foot of granite 1 inch THICK weigh?

It would weigh about 14.3 pounds .

How much does one square inch of uranium weigh?

The square inch is a unit of area. The cubic inch is a unit of volume; a cubic inch of uranium has a mass of approx. 312,2 grams.

How much does 1 square inch of soil weigh?

The weight of 1 square inch of soil can be any positive number. It simply depends on how high the 1 square inch column of soil is.

How much does air pressure weigh at sea level?

14.7 pounds per square inch

How much does three quarter inch glass weigh per square foot?

10 lbs per sf.

How much does a empty container weigh?

About 75 LBS when you weigh the bottom and cardboard incert together

How much would a square foot of bronze weigh?

Nothing since a square foot is 2 dimensional.

How much weight can cardboard hold?

Use some standard of cardboard wt. per square ft, as a box has six sides, you have (length x width + length x height + width x height) x 2 x lb/ sq ft or if in metric kg/ sq m. Get net weight by subtracting cardboard wt from box wt. One standard cardboard box wt. in US is 0.13 kg/ sq m. This number will vary in US and, may be quite different in other countries.