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If it is a symmetric distribution, the median must be 130.

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If it is symmetric, the median is the same as the mean.

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Q: If the mean of a symmetric distribution is 130 which of these values could be the median of the distribution?
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Is forty a median number?

Any number can be a median, so for the correct set of values, 40 could be a median.

How do you calculate the median using Excel?

The median can be calculated using the Median function. Assuming the values you wanted the median of were in cells B2 to B20, you could use the function like this: =MEDIAN(B2:B20)

What is the definition of the term symmetric?

Symmetric is a term used to describe an object in size or shape. For example, you could say that an orange is symmetric to the sun or a glass is symmetric to a cone

What is the median of a single value?

The median is the number in the middle. You find the median, by putting the values in order from lowest to highest, then find the number that is exactly in the middle. If you only have a single value, one could argue that it is in the middle. That would make the single value the median. One could also argue that there no numbers on either side to the definition makes no sense and there is no median of a single value.

Median of 78.5 and 82.8?

The median is the value that is half way between the two values. In this case it is 80.65 because the difference between the two values is 4.3 and half of that added to the 78.5 or subttacted from the 82.8 gives you 80.65 as the median. You could also add the two numbers together and divide by two, which will also give the same result.

What is a probability distribution for rolling 3 dice?

The answer depends on the probability distribution of WHAT variable. The variable could be the sum or the product of the three numbers, the maximum, minimum, the mean, median, number of 3s, number of primes, and so on.

When dealing with money which is better to use mean median mode or range?

Usually it's not what's being summarised (in this case, money) it's how the stuff that's being summarised is distributed that matters. If the distribution is symmetric and the danger of there being large outliers is small then the mean could be a good choice. The range is useful for quite different purposes than the other three statistics.

What is the use of central tendency?

A central tendency is a number that expresses something "central" about a sample of values (which could be test scores, temperatures, etc...). Measures of central tendency include the mean, the median, and the mode.The Mean is equal to the average of all the values. Thus, the Mean is equal to the sum of all the values (add them all up) divided by the total number of values in your set or sample. This average tells you nothing about what your highest and lowest values are (the range). However, ...The Median is equal to the the number which, if you were to arrange your values from lowest to highest, falls exactly in the middle of your distribution of values. So, if you have 41 values, for instance, the Median would be the 21st value, and there would be 20 values equal to or smaller than the Median, and 20 values equal to or larger than the median. If, on the other hand, there were 100 values, the median would be the average of the 50th and 51st values in the distribution. The median tells you nothing, however, about what values occur "most often" in your distribution. So....There is the mode, which is equal to the value which occurs most often in your distribution. Simply count how many times each of your values occurs, and the mode= the one that occurs most often. The following is an example of a distribution which is highly "skewed" meaning that there are differences between the mean, median and mode for the set of values being observed.MeanThe mean is the most commonly-used measure of central tendency. When we talk about an "average", we usually are referring to the mean. The mean is simply the sum of the values divided by the total number of items in the set. The result is referred to as the arithmetic mean.It is the best average of measures of central tendency.It is used in Stock exchange, Market to calculate the Mean (share) Price in the particular day.Sometimes it is useful to give more weighting to certain data points, in which case the MedianThe median is determined by sorting the data set from lowest to highest values and taking the data point in the middle of the sequence. There is an equal number of points above and below the median. For example, in the data set {1,2,3,4,5} the median is 3; there are two data points greater than this value and two data points less than this value. In this case, the median is equal to the mean. But consider the data set {1,2,3,4,10}. In this dataset, the median still is three, but the mean is equal to 4. If there is an even number of data points in the set, then there is no single point at the middle and the median is calculated by taking the mean of the two middle points.The median can be determined for ordinal data as well as interval and ratio data. Unlike the mean, the median is not influenced by outliers at the extremes of the data set. For this reason, the median often is used when there are a few extreme values that could greatly influence the mean and distort what might be considered typical. This often is the case with home prices and with income data for a group of people, which often is very skewed. For such data, the median often is reported instead of the mean. For example, in a group of people, if the salary of one person is 10 times the mean, the mean salary of the group will be higher because of the unusually large salary. In this case, the median may better represent the typical salary level of the group. ModeThe mode is the most frequently occurring value in the data set. For example, in the data set {1,2,3,4,4}, the mode is equal to 4. A data set can have more than a single mode, in which case it is multimodal. In the data set {1,1,2,3,3} there are two modes: 1 and 3.The mode can be very useful for dealing with categorical data. For example, if a sandwich shop sells 10 different types of sandwiches, the mode would represent the most popular sandwich. The mode also can be used with ordinal, interval, and ratio data. However, in interval and ratio scales, the data may be spread thinly with no data points having the same value. In such cases, the mode may not exist or may not be very meaningful.We have to findout Model value of the particular things.For example shoe Model size =Maximum no of persons used shoe size,likewise shirt size and various products models.When to use Mean, Median, and ModeThe following table summarizes the appropriate methods of determining the middle or typical value of a data set based on the measurement scale of the data.Measurement ScaleBest Measure of the "Middle"Nominal(Categorical)ModeOrdinalMedianIntervalSymmetrical data: MeanSkewed data: MedianRatioSymmetrical data: MeanSkewed data: Median result is called the weighted arithmetic mean

How could you tell if a figure is symmetric?

look at how many sides there are...

Under what condition is the product of skew-symmetric matrices skew-symmetric?

I could be wrong but I do not believe that it is possible other than for the null matrix.

Is the median of a data set always one of the data values?

first off you have to no what the median is the median is the middle number in a group of data if there is no "middle" number ad the two middle numbers together and then divide by 2 example: 1,2,3,4 2+3=5 5 divided by 2 is equal to 2.5 2.5 is your median {note explanaition was for people who might read this question so that they could understand}

Could an odd number of reflections ever be a translation?

Yes, it could if applied to a symmetric shape. But not generally.

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