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Q: In a mapping diagram how many ordered pairs are there for every row?
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In a mapping diagram how many ordered pairs are there for every arrow?

There is one ordered pair for every arrow in a mapping diagram. The ordered pair represents the mapping from one element in the domain to one element in the codomain.

Which of the following ordered pairs corresponds to an arrow on a mapping diagram that starts at 4 and ends at 1?


What is a relation function?

A set of ordered pairs, can also be tables, graphs, or a mapping diagram

In a mapping how many ordered pairs are there for every arrow?


How can you determine that a set of ordered pairs are a graph table diagram equation a function or mere relation?

In general you cannot. Any set of ordered pairs can be a graph, a table, a diagram or relation. Any set of ordered pairs that is one-to-one or many-to-one can be an equation, function.

What are the ordered pairs for 20?

The Ordered Pairs are 1x20, 2x10, and 5x4.

Why does a coordinate plane have to have three or four ordered pairs?

A coordinate plane has infinitely many ordered pairs: each and every point in the plane is represented by an ordered pair. There may be a small number of points that are identified for a specific reason: for example the vertices of a triangle or quadrilateral and so you may have a few ordered pairs that are specifically labelled.

How many ordered pairs does a linear graph contain?

Infinitely many. Each and every point on the graph gives rise to an ordered pair.

Are these ordered pairs in direct variation?

It is not possible to answer the question with no information about which ordered pairs!

What is -1 in ordered pairs?

-1 is a one-dimensional entity. It can have no equivalent in ordered pairs.

How do you find y in a set of ordered pairs?

Y is the second number in a set of ordered pairs.

Which ordered pairs are in the second quadrant?

Ordered pairs that have a negative x and a positive y are in the second quadrant.