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In my opinion, 69% is never a good grade. In my school that is a F.

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Q: Is 69 percent a good maths grade for year 9?
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What maths grade is year 5?

grade 5 maths should be adding numerator and denominator.converting deciamals to fractions.

What happen if you failed one maths B test in high school. Do you have to repeat it next year?

No, actually it it a good grade, you can still get good job with B.

Is a 6c good for end of year 7 in maths?

Very Good! Expect to be in top set for year 8. It will be very hard. Answer That is equivalent to c-b grade GCSE! Well I got 6A for Maths and i got into bottom set out of 4 sets but to be fair I do go to Englands best school.

What things do i need to know to pass year 7?

maths, english, science at grade criteria of d+

Is a 6a good for end of year 7 in maths?

Yes, that isexcellent.

Does students in year 9 have to do maths?

Only if they go to good schools.

Im in year 9 and weve done tests which decide what papers we do at gcse I got English 6A Maths 7c and Science 6b Is this Good What is the equivelent at GCSE?

You will get a B grade in GCSE.

How many hours of studying should a year 9 do?

I dont know about you but i am doing year 10 maths so i have to study lots, im in year 9 by the way. If you want a good grade point average you should ask your teachers for practice papers.

Bsc maths 1 year questions?

maths syllebus of b.S.c. Second year

Bsc maths 1 year maths questions?

were fun

Any jobs for a 14 year old in lincolnshire near spalding i am very good at maths because i got 100 percent on my C module and im good at maths and science. also i have experience in glass houses?

work at a greenhouse you don't need a high school doploma and it pay's 10-15 dollars an hour ^.^ the only need is the will to work with pesdasides

Where can I get free maths work for your 10 year old?

You can get free maths lessons online at www.extra maths

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