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Circumference isn't squared OR cubed. However, Surface Area is squared and so is Area. So Circumference is just Circumference :)

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Q: Is circumference squared or cubed
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Is the circumference of a circle cubed or squared?


Are the answers to circumference questions squared or cubed?

Neither because the circumference of a circle is a measurement of length

What is the circumference of a circle when its area is 121 pie inches cubed?

the area can not be cubed. the area is always squared. volume is cubed. the formula for area is pie multiplied by radius squared. your formula for your circle is... A = 121pi in2 the radius in your circle is 11 inches the formula for circumference is two times pi times the radius C = 2 * (3.14159) * 11 your answer is 69.11498in

How do you determine the cubic inches of a ball if all you know is the circumference?

Volume equals circumference cubed over six pi squared. V = C3/6(pi2).

What is 2 cubed times 3 squared?

72 minus the root of squared minus equals 72 but you have to be smart to know that the minimum circumference s 56 there you go

Why are 2 and 3 are squared and cubed?

2 squared --> 4 2 cubed --> 8 3 squared --> 9 3 cubed --> 27

How do you convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed?

you cannot convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed. the volume is always cubed. the area is squared

Is volume cubed or squared?

volume is always cubed. squared is for a 2D figure.

Is the volume of a figure squared or cubed?

It is cubed.

What is the greatest common factor of 15a squared b squared 21a cubed B-Cubed?

3a squared b squared

Is the volume of a rectangular prism squared or cubed?

The volume is cubed and the surface area is squared.

Is perimeter squared or cubed?

I'm pretty sure that perimeter is squared and volume is cubed.

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