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No integer is an irrational number. An irrational number is a number that cannot be represented as an integer or a fraction.
All integers which are whole numbers are rational numbers.

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Q: Is every integer an irrational number?
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Related questions

Is an integer an irrational number?

No because all integers are rational numbers

Is an irrational number a negative integer?

No integer is irrational.

Is every irrational number an integer?

Far from it; in fact no integer can be irrational. proof : let n be any integer. (n+n)/2 is a rational number, which reduces to n.

Is a negative integer an irrational number?

Unless the integer is fractional it is not an irrational number.

No integer is an irrational number?

No integer is an irrational number; all integers are rational.

Is -2.5 an integer number or an irrational number?

-2.5 is not an integer and it's not irrational.

What is an irrational number that's also an integer?

There is no irrational number that is also an integer.

Is the square root of 27 a rational or irrational number?

The square root of 27 is an irrational number

what number is neither a prime nor composite number?

Every irrational number, every rational number which is not an integer and every integer less than 2 falls into this category.

Is every Real number an irrational number?

No, a real number could also be a rational number, an integer, a whole number, or a natural number. Irrational numbers fall into the same category of real numbers, but every real number is not an irrational number.

Is 0.95 an integer rational number whole number or irrational number?

It can be written as a fraction, so it is rational. It is not an integer, whole number or irrational.

Which number neither composite nor prime?

Every irrational number, every rational number which is not an integer and every integer less than 2 falls into this category.

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