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Q: Is it possible to have two terms in the product when a binomial is squared?
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Is it possible to find the discriminant of a binomial?

A polynomial discriminant is defined in terms of the difference in the roots of the polynomial equation. Since a binomial has only one root, there is nothing to take its difference from and so in such a situation, the discriminant is a meaningless concept.

How do you get the product of binomial and trinomial?

You multiply each element of the binomial into each element of the trinomial and then combine like terms. For example, (ax + b)*(cx2 + dx + e) = acx3 + adx2 + aex + bcx2 + bdx + be = acx3 + (ad + bc)x2 + (ae + bd)x + be

Is 6x-5 a monomial?

no it is a binomial. terms in an algebriac expression are separated by addition or subtraction ( + or -) symbols and must not be like terms. then just count the terms. one term = monomial, 2 terms = binomial, 3 terms = trinomial. More than 3 terms are usually just referred to as polynomials.

How do you multiply a binomial with another binomial?

Use the "F-O-I-L" Method when multiplying two binomials. F-O-I-L stands for First, Outer, Inner, Last. Multiply the first terms together, then the outer terms, the inner terms, and the last terms.

Why can't 7x 5 be factored?

I will assume you mean 7x + 5. In general, a binomial (two terms) can ONLY be factored if both terms have a common factor, OR you have a difference of squares. No other cases are possible, since the product of two binomials is, in general, a trinomial (three terms). Since none of these special cases apply, the expression can't be factored.