Is negative zero possible

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no, because zero is the thing between integers that seperates negative from possitive.

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Q: Is negative zero possible
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Can you possibly achieve negative zero?

Not possible ya

Why does the product of an integer multiplied by itself cannot be negative?

There are just three possible cases: Positive integer: positive x positive = positive. Negative integer: negative x negative = positive. Zero: zero x zero = zero.

Is it possible to get an answer closer to zero when you multiply a negative fraction by a positive?


What are the only possible charges of ions?

, no fractions, positive, negative integers, and zero

What are the 3 kinds of integers?

Negative, Zero and Positive is one possible classification.

Is it possible for the product of two consecutive integers to be negative?

No, a negative times a negative would be a positive and a positive times a positive would also be positive, and anything multiplied by zero would still be zero

What is a negative?

A negative can be a negative zero. A negative zero is a number below zero. PS:If you are asking the "negative" in Science, I am not sure of the answer.

How do you properly divide by zero?

When I type any number divided by zero into my calculator, it flashes, "ERROR, ERROR," but I say it's possible. "It's not possible to divide by zero," my math teacher says, but who cares about her? Here's my data after graphing it out: If any positive number is divided by zero, it's infinity, if it's negative, it's negative infinity, and zero divided by zero is one. NO NO, you cannot divide by zero, really. See my discussion post.

What is the negative of zero?

There is no negative of zero, nor is there a positive. Zero is no value, hence it has no positive or negative value.

What does negative zero error mean?

There can't be a negative zero. zero is neither negative nor positive.

What is it called when the absolute value of a number is negative?

An absolute value can never be a negative. An absolute value is just the distance the # is from the again for it to be negative thats not possible

Is zero a negative number?

No. A negative number is a number below zero, not zero itself.The number zero is neither negative nor positive.