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Q: Jen's brother Matt has one more brother than sisters. How many more brothers than sisters does Jen have?
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How many brothers and sisters does Matt cardle have?

Matt Cardle has a brother and 2 adopted brothers but he has no sisters

Does Avril Lavine have any brothers or sisters?

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Yes. They have 2 little sisters. Kayla MacLeish and Marisa Mcstupidass. And one little brother Jessie Monkish. July 31, 2008 No they don't have any sisters nor do they have a little brother Do they or don't they make up your mind!! They do because I know them and their little brother and sister. liar Lita is was there best friend :) :{) :] Lita was matt's old girl friend

Does Matt cardle have any brothers or sisters?

One older brother Dom, 29. He also has two adopted brothers. Twins and one more. One is called Rob, one is called Jules.

Are jeff hardy and matt hardy really brother?

Yes, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are real brothers.

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Yes her name is Ashley

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