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Decreasing 3,700 to 3,441 is a change of -7%

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Q: The circulation of a newsletter decreased from 3700 to 3441 Find the percent of decrease in circulation to the nearest percent?
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What is 248 is decreased to 200 and round answers to the nearest tenth if necessary?

248 is decreased to 200

How can a number change when it is rounded to the nearest hundreds?

It can increase or decrease

What is the word to increase or decrease to the nearest unit?

It is called rounding.

What is the percent decrease from 89 to 32.9?

It is: (89-32.9)/89 times 100 = 63% decrease to the nearest whole number

What is the percent decrease from 22.69 to 15.90?

It is: (22.69-15.90)/22.69 times 100 = 30% decrease rounded the nearest integer

What causes poor circulation to your hands?

Your blood flow. Go to the nearest doctor for this treatment. :)

What is the percent of change round to the nearest whole percent if necessary is the percent change an increase or decrease if it is 99 to 74?

25.25% decrease

To increase or decrease a number to the nearest whole number?

To round off the number.

Find the increase or decrease to the nearest percent from 2.75 to 4.50?

The increase from 2.75 to 4.50 is: 63.64%

Coretta bowling average decreased from 158 to 133. what is the percent decrease to the nearest tenth of a percent?

To find the percentage of one number in relation to another number then divide the relative number (in this case 133) by the base number (in this case 158) and multiply the result by 100.133 is therefore 100 x 133/158 = 84.2%. The decrease is thus 100 - 84.2 = 15.8%ALTERNATIVELY : The decrease is 158 - 133 = 25.25 as a percentage of 158 is 100 x 25/158 = 15.8%

What is the percentage decrease from 3.70 to 3.45 to the nearest tenth?

percentage_decrease = decrease/original × 100% = (3.70 - 3.45)/3.70 × 100% = 0.25/3.70 × 100% = 6.756... % ≈ 6.8 %

What is the pattern for 75 50 33 22?

Decrease by a factor of 1/3 and round to the nearest integer

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