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This is true. If three straight lines are drawn, they can only intersect at two points. That is, each line will only intersect with another once.

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Q: Three lines can intersect in only two points?
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Does three points intersect at a single point?

No, only three lines can intersect at a single point.

Can 3 lines intersect at only 1 point?

Assuming that the none of the lines are parallel, they can intersect (pairwise) at three points. Otherwise, the question is tautological.

How many line can intersect a point?

A point can be intersected by infinitely many lines. Two points intersect in only one line. Three points either intersect in a line or not at all. This is only considering two dimensions.

Do perpendicular lines intersect in at least two points?

Perpendicular lines intersect at one point only.

Do lines of longitude intersect at only two points?


Can three lines intersect at only two points?

Yes. The easiest example is to take two parallel lines and use the third line as a transversal.

Does intersecting lines meet at two points?

Lines in a plane can intersect at only one point.

Can perpendicular lines intersect in at least two points?

Yes, but only if they are mutually coincident.

Two lines only intersect at exactly one point?

Two straight lines, whether they're in the same or different planes, must intersect at either one point or else at no points.

Can three lines intersect in only one point?

Any number of lines can intersect all at the same point. Think of a circle. Now think of all of its diameters.

How often do lines intersect 2 points?

In plane Euclidean geometry, only onle line can go through two distinct points.

How many points of intersection do two skew lines have?

Any two lines can only have one point of intersection. Unless they are parallel, in which case they do not intersect at all. If they are the same line, then they intersect at an infinite number of points.