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some examples of symbols for permuation groups are: Sn Cn An These are the symmetric group, the cyclic group and the alternating group of order n. (Alternating group is order n!/2, n>2) One other is the Dihedral group Dn of order 2n.

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Q: What are the symbols of permutation groups?
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Every finite group is isomorphic to a permutation group?

yes form cayleys theorem . every group is isomorphic to groups of permutation and finite groups are not an exception.

What are permutation groups?

A permutation group is a group of permutations, or bijections (one-to-one, onto functions) between a finite set and itself.

Give an example of a permutation and combination?

If there is a group of 3 coloured balls, then any groups of 2 balls selected from it will be considered as a combination, whereas the different arrangements of every combination will be considered as a permutation

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Is every permutation always a one-to-one function?

By definition, a permutation is a bijection from a set to itself. Since a permutation is bijective, it is one-to-one.

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