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Depending on the calculator, the button may be labeled "E", "EE", "ENG", or "EXP"

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Q: What button on a scientific calculator is used to enter a number in scientific notation?
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How do you change a number to scientific notation on a calculator?

On most calculator there's a 'ENG' key

What is the smallest power of 10 that your calculator can display before it switches from decimal notation to exponential notation?

That depends on the calculator model. Typically, a calculator would switch to scientific notation when the number is less than 0.001, or greater than can be shown on screen in normal notation.

How do you figure out cube roots in my calculator?

If you have Windows 7, as do I, then change the calculator to scientific mode, and there is a cube roots button, type in the number you want, and hit that button. If you are talking about a standard handheld calculator, most don't have it, but the TI scientific ones do!

What is 93000000 in scientific notation?

The number in scientific notation is 9.3x107.

What is the scientific notation for 5.5 x105?

That is the scientific notation. The number is 550,000

What is the scientific notation of 1921900000000?

In scientific notation, this number can be written as 1.9219x1012.

How do you use root button on a scientific calculator?

usually you input a number, press the root key, and get the square root.

What is 0.000098 in scientific notation?

This number in scientific notation is 9.8x10-5.

How do you write the number 256000 in Scientific Notation?

The number 256000 in Scientific Notation is: 2.56 × 105

0.00000625 in scientific notation?

Hi! This number in scientific notation is a certain number/expression 😁

What is the scientific notation for the number 9?

The scientific notation for the number 9 is: 9 x 100

How do you find the square root of a number with a calculator?

In scientific calculators there is usually a button you press. Less complex calculators don't have that button. It looks like this: `____ \/

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