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"Evaluate" means to calculate - find out what value it has.

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Q: What does this question mean - Evaluate the exponential expression?
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What does it mean to evaluate the exponential expressions?

It means to find the numerical value of the expression.

What does evaluate the expression mean?

Evaluating the expression is usually used in math, and it means solve the question.

What is a evaluate the expression mean?

"Evaluate the expression" means replace all the letters with their numericalvalues, and then see what number the whole expression works out to be.

What does it mean to Evaluate a math expression?

evaluate means to figure out the value of something

What does it mean to evaluate an expression?

To evaluate an expression is nothing but to operate the given expression according to the operators given in the expression if it is evaluable i.e, it could be convertable.

Does evaluate mean to find the value of a number?

Rather, of an expression.

In math what does an exponential expression mean?

It means that the variable of interest appears as a power in the expression. So, for example, 3x is exponential but x3 is merely cubic. The distinction depends on the position of x.

What does it mean to evaluate an algebraic expression?

meaning to evaluate the variable in an expression. An algebraic expression is also a problem that contains no equals sign and you don't solve it, rather you simplify it.It means to solve something.

How Can You Solve A Radical Expression?

It depends on what you mean by solve: simplify, evaluate or rationalise the denominator. The answer will also depend on the radical expression.

How do you know if an equation is exponential?

Basically, in an exponential expression (or equation) you have the independent variable in the exponent. For example: 5 times 10x The general form of an exponential function can be written as: abx or: aekx where a, b, and k are constants, and e is approximately 2.718. Note that just having a power doesn't mean you have an exponential equation. For example, in x3 the variable does NOT appear in the exponent, so it is not an exponential expression.

How do you solve this exponential expression 4-2?

If you mean 4-2, that is, by definition, the same as 1 / 42.

How many zeros will be in the standard form of the exponential expression 1O99?

I suppose you mean 1099. If you write it out, you get a 1, followed by 99 zeroes.