What equals negative nine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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-4 +5

-5 + 4

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Q: What equals negative nine?
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What is Negative one third times what equals negative nine?


Negative eight minus nine equals?


What is negative nine x plus 5 equals?

negative x positive = negative -9x5 = -45

What is three minus negative nine with the work?

3-(-9) Considering a negative plus a negative equals a positive your equation can be rewritten as 3+9 Which equals 12

What divided by seven equals negative nine?

-63 ÷ 7 = -9

A over nine equals -4?

One over nine is not equal to negative four. 1/9 is equivalent to 0.11111.

How can you take one from nine and get ten?

9 - (-1) = +10 positive nine minus negative one equals positive ten

5 equals negative nine times negative three plus b?

Plugging the numbers into the equation gives b = -22.

How do you write an equation for 54 divided by six equals negative nine?

You cannot because it is not true.

What is 90-1000 equals?


What is the difference of seventy-eight and negative forty-nine?

78 - (-49) is the same as 78 + 49 which equals 127

How do you solve this equation -9n equals 45?

-9n=45 negative nine times n equals forty-five you have to do it backwards n=45/-9 n equals forty-five divided by negative nine standard manipulation of terms give it try with some others you'll be amazed how much easier fractions are than decimals