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When you triple the dimensions of a flat (2-dimensional) shape,

the area increases by (3)2 = 9 times.

When you triple the dimensions of a solid (3-dimensional) shape,

the volume increases by (3)3 = 27 times.

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Q: What happens to the area when you triple the dimensions to a shape?
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What happens to the area when you triple the dimensions to a parallelogram?

The area increases to 9 times as much.

What happens to the area of a shape when you enlarge it?

If all dimensions of the shape are increased then its area will also increase

What shape has a area of 4 units?

Any closed shape in 2-dimensions can have any area.

How do you find the dimensions of a shape if all you know is the area?

You cannot.

What information do you need to find the area of an object?

Its shape and dimensions

Finding dimensions of area of 190 in?

190 in is a length, not an area. Even if you were given an area, unless it was in the form of a regular shape you would not be able to determine its dimensions.

What would happen to the area of a triangle when both dimensions are doubled?

If both dimensions are doubled then the area is quadrupled. This is true of any geometric shape.

When you triple the dimensions of a figure how does this affect the area of the figure?

If you triple the length and width (or base and height) of a figure, you will be multiplying the factor of three by itself, so the area increases by 3 squared, or 9. So a figure with an area of 12 will have an area of 108 when you triple its dimensions. This holds true for circles as well, since radius squared is used for area, the 3 squared factor still applies. (:

The dimensions of a rectangular solids are 8 Cm and 12 Cm can you tell what the surface area is?

the area of a 2D shape with dimensions 8cm and 12cm is 96cm2, but if you're talking about surface area of a 3D shape then you need the other dimension.

If all dimensions of a shape are tripled what is the area multiplied by?

It is multiplied by nine.

What is the area to 63?

To determine the area, we need more information such as the shape or dimensions of the object.

Do a rectangle and a square have the same area?

Any plane shape can have the same area as any other plane shape if the dimensions are carefully selected