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it is three fourths

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No it is not.

12/3 = 5/3 and its reciprocal is 3/5

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Q: What is 1 and two thirds in an improper fraction and what is the answer when you find the reciprocal?
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How do you find the reciprocal of a mixed number?

You make it an improper fraction and switch the bottom and top numbers

When you cange a mixed number into an improper fraction to find themultiplicative inverse do you still flip it?

Yes - after converting to an improper fraction, you flip it. Example: find the reciprocal (i.e., the multiplicative inverse) of 2 1/2 (two and a half). Reciprocal of (2 1/2) = reciprocal of (5/2) = 2/5.

When the numerator and denominator of a fraction are switched the new fraction is called?

It is called the reciprocal of a fraction when the fraction is turned upside down.To find reciprocal of a mixed number, convert the whole number to the fraction and create an improper fraction: 22/4 becomes 10/4 and the reciprocal is 4/10

Do you find the reciprocal in a fraction multiplication?

To get the reciprocal of a fraction, exchange the numerator and denominator.

How do you change improper to proper fraction?

To change an improper fraction to a proper fraction a person has to find the lowest common denominator. For example, the fraction 3/6 can be broken down to 1/2 by dividing the 6 by the 3 and finding the common denominator to be 2.

What ia a reciprocal fraction?

The reciprocal of the fraction is simply the fraction raised to the -1 power. Simply "flip the fraction upside down" to find the reciprocal. e.g. 3/23 has a reciprocal of 23/3.

When fractions find the reciprocal of the second fraction after you convert the mixed number to improper fractions.?

The answer depends on the binary operator between the two fractions which has not been specified.

How do you find the absolute value of an improper fraction?

If the improper fraction is greter than 0 it is the value of the improper fraction and if the improper fraction is less than 0, it is the negative of the value of the fraction.

What is the reciprocal of 3 and two fifth?

To find the reciprocal of 3 2/5, you would have to change that to an improper fraction, then make the denominator the numerator. (Ex. 3/4---4/3 OR 4/3---3/4)

How do you find an improper fraction?

It is an improper fraction when the numerator is greater than the denominator

What is reciprocal of -3?

1/3. The fraction for 3 is 3/1, and to find a reciprocal, you have to flip the fraction.

How do you find 42 over 7 as an improper fraction?

42/7 is an improper fraction.