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I think this means 3 and two-thirds divided by 4 and two-thirds.

This is 11 over 3 divided by 14 over 3, which is identical to 11 over 3 multiplied by 3 over 14.

This works out at Eleven-Fourteenths

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Q: What is 3 whole number 2 over 3 divided by 4 whole number 2 over 3?
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How do you make a whole number into a fraction?

to make a whole number into a fraction all you have to do is make it whatever the whole number is over one ex: 2 is your whole number, to make it a fraction simply put it over one. when you say it, you can say 2 over 1, 2 firsts, or 2 divided by 1. 2 divided by one does equal 2, your starting whole number.

What is 2 whole number 1 over 4 divided by negative 5 whole number 1 over 3?

go too school

How do you divide a whole number into a fraction?

Any whole number can be written over 1. To divide a fraction by a whole number, multiply that fraction by one over the whole number. 2/3 divided by 4 = 2/3 x 1/4

How do you change a whole number with remainder to a fraction?

Put the remainder over the number you originally divided by. 15 divided by 7 = 2, remainder 1 = 2 and 1/7

Is 1996 a composite numbers?

Well a composite number is a number that can divided into a whole number. 1996 can be divided by 2 which is a whole number, so yes! 1996 is a whole number.

What whole number will an even number always divided by?


What is 8 as a whole number divided by 28?


What is the whole number 7 over 2?

3.5 Since 3.5 times 2 equals 7. Seven divided by 2 equals three and five tenths

Will 5 divided by 2 out of 7 have a whole number answer?


How is 81 an odd number?

An odd number is a whole number that can not be evenly divided by 2. 81 divided by 2 is 40.5 (which is not a whole number, because of the fraction of a number, .5) therefore, it is an odd number.

What is the number that when divided by half of itself equals the lowest whole number?

2 Yes but 2 divided by half of 2 (1) = 2 which isn't the lowest whole number. I don't think this question has an answer.

What number can divide .20 and not get a decimal?

-If you mean what can .2 be divided by to get a whole number, then .1 works (.2/.1 = 2) -If you mean what can be divided by .2 to get a whole number, then 1 works (1/.2 = 5)

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