What is a equation without an equal sign?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is a equation without an equal sign?
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How do you find the value of x when there is no equal sign in the equation?

You cannot explicitly find the value of x without an equal sign, as an equation without an equals sign is an algebraic expression. However, we can turn your expression into an equation by adding in an equals sign, but setting the value to a variable. For example, 2x+5=y, or 5x2-4x=y. You can solve for x like that. The phrase "... there is no equal sign in the equation ..." is a meaningless description. Without an 'equal' sign, there is no equation.

What is an equation called that doesn't have an equal sign?

If it doesn't have an equal sign, then it's not an equation.

What is the sign for equation?

Its the Equal sign =

What is thedifrent betweena quadratic equation and a quadratic function?

An equation just has an equal sign. A function is basically just an equation without one!

Difference between expression and equation?

An expression has no equal sign whereas an equation does have an equal sign

How many solutions are there to the equation -46 3x plus 7x?

None because without an equal sign it's not an equation

How is an equation equal?

An equation is equal if you have a math problem on each side of an equal sign.

What is the definition of word equation?

an equation is a mathematical statement that has an equal sign in it if it doesnt have an equal sign then it is known as an expression

What does x equal in this equation 43(2x plus 1)-11?

Without an equality sign the given expression can't be considered to be an equation.

* a mathematical sentence containing an equal sign?

An equation

What is the Part of the equation that is separated by the equal sign?

It is an expression because an equation is two equal expressions separated by an equality sign.

What is the difference between an algebraic expression and an equation?

Equation: x+3=3+x (notice the equal sign: equal; equation)Expression: x+3 (notice no equal sign)