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flatter slope is the slope that is near y-axis. Low slope = flatter

steeper slope is the slope that near x-axis. High slope = steeper

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Q: What is a flatter slope?
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Flatter lines have a slope than that of steeper lines?

Flatter lines have a _____ slope than that of steeper lines

What happens to a line when the slope is a smaller and smaller?

As the slope gets smaller and smaller the line gets flatter and flatter (or more horizontal).

Steeper lines have a what slope than that of flatter lines?

Steeper lines have a steeper slope.

What happens to a line as the slope approaches 0?

It Gets Flatter!

Flatter lines have a?

Slope or gradient that, in absolute terms, is small.

Change in slope affects graph how?

makes line steeper or flatter

Steeper lines have a slope than that of flatter lines?

Bigger - APEX

Does a steep slope on a displacement vs time graph indicates a very large velocity?

Yes it does. Velocity = Displacement / Time. On a graph of displacement vs time, the slope is the velocity. Steeper slope = higher velocity, flatter slope = lower velocity.

What are the properties of a slope?

The slope is the ratio of the vertical increase divided by the horizontal increase. The slope of a flat line is 0. The slope of a flatter line is smaller than the slope of a steeper line. A positive slop indicates that the line move up from left to right. A negative slope means that the line moves down from left to right.

How does constructive and destructive waves affect the shape of the beach?

constructive makes flatter beach destructive makes slope and steep beach

How much slope is needed for proper drainage in lawns?

A two percent (or 1:50) is considered a good slope for the drainage of lawn areas. The type of soil you have will also affect drainage. With a more sandy soil a flatter slope may be fine.

When the value of the slope gets smaller the graph of a line gets?

less steep (apex)

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