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A triangle.

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Q: What is a three sided polygon with three acute angles?
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Three sided polygon with one right angle and two acute angles?

A right triangle.

How many angles does a three sided polygon have?


What is the sum of the interior angles of a three-sided polygon?

The 3 interior angles of a 3 sided polygon which is a triangle add up to 180 degrees.

What is the precise name of a three sided shape with all angles acute?

An acute angled triangle.

A polygon having three sides angles equal 180 degrees?

A three-sided polygon is a triangle. The angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.

What is the angle sum for a 3 sided polygon?

The sum of the three INTERIOR angles is 180 degrees. And a 3-sided polygon is often referred to as a 'Triangle'.

How many sides and angles do a polygon have?

Polygon is a two dimensional figure that has three or more sides. Polygons are classified by their number of sides. Three sided is a triangle. A four sided figure is a quadrilateral. A five sided figure is a pentagon and so forth. The number of angles it has is equal to the number of sides.A polygon usaally has 5sides

What does a polygon with three angles with two of the angles being acute look like?

A right angle triangle or an obtuse triangle

What three sided polygon whose angles equal 180 degrees?

A 3-sided polygon is called a "triangle".The angles of a triangle don't equal 180 degrees.They total 180 degrees when they're added.

Is an acute triangle ever regular?

Yes. An acute triangle has three acute angles so that would make it a regular polygon with congruent sides.

How Many acute angles are in a acute angles?

there are three acute angles in an acute triangle, because there are three corners.

What is sum of the interior angles of a polygon with three sides?

the sum of the interior angles of a 3 sided polygon is = 180 degrees. the sum of the interior angles of any polygon is given by 540/n. in this case n is = 3

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