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a stright line going acrossed the graph lines. :)

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Q: What is an example of a zero slope?
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What are some real examples for zero slopes?

The horizon for example is a zero slope, it is or flat or horizontal like a zero slope. Another example is a piece of plywood on its side it is flat, horizontal, and it doesn't increase or decrease.

Does a horizontal line has a slope of zero?

Yes, it is true; slope zero is no slope.

What is the difference between undefined slope and zero slope?

A line with an undefined slope is a vertical line. A line with a slope of zero is a horizontal line. If you use the formula for slope m = (y2-y1) divided by (x2-x1)... For an undefined slope you will get zero in the denominator, which you cannot have because you cannot divide by zero. For a slope equal to zero, you will get a zero in the numerator. Zero divided by any non-zero denominator, will give you a slope of zero.

What is the slope when you get a zero on top?

The slope when you get a zero on top would be zero. Zero divided by any number is zero.

Why the slope of a vertical line is undefined?

if you mean what is the slope, it would be (for example) 5/0 or any number over zero

What is the four different types of slopes?

positive slope negative slope undefined slope zero slope

Lines always have a slope of zero?

Horizontal lines always have a slope of zero. (i.e completely flat, level surfaces have a slope of zero). However a line does not have to have a slope of zero in order to be a line.

What is flat slope?

Flat slope is slope equals zero.

What is the difference between a line with a slope of zero and no slope?

A line with slope of zero is horizontal. A line with no slope is vertical because slope is undefined on a vertical line.

Derivative of zero?

The derivate of zero - as well as the derivative of ANY constant (non-variable) number, is zero. (A graph of y = 0 for example will be a horizontal line - the slope is zero.)

What is the direction of a line with a slope of zero?

A line with a slope of zero is a flat, vertical line.

A vertical line has a run which is?

run as in slope of a line is zero . horizontal lines have no slope and vertical lines have a slope of zero

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