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The square root of 37.

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2010-11-11 13:16:03
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Q: What is an irrational number between 6 and 28?
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How do you find an irrational number between the perfects 6 and 28?

All the whole numbers or integers between 6 and 28 are rational numbers because they can be expressed as improper fractions as for example 7 = 7/1 but the square root of 7 is an irrational number because it can't be expressed as a fraction.

Irrational number between 5 and 6?


What is a irrational number between 6 and 7?

the square root of 37

Is there irrational numbers between 6 and 7?

yes there is, it's between every number

What is four irrational numbers closest to 6 on the number line?

Irrational numbers are infinitely dense. Between any two numbers, there are infinitely many irrational numbers. So if it was claimed that some irrational, x, was the closest irrational to 6, it is possible to find an infinite number of irrationals between 6 and x. Each one of these infinite number of irrationals would be closer to 6 than x. So the search for the nearest irrational must fail.

What is an irrational number between 6 and 20?

2*pi is one possible answer.

What is the positive square root of 41 is between?

It is an irrational number and lies between 6 and 7

How many irrational nurmbers are there between 1 and 6?

There are infinite irrational numbers between 1 and 6.

What is the classification of the square root of 6?

It is an irrational number.

Is the square root of 6 irrational or a rational number?


Which irrational number is closest to 6?

Irrational numbers are infinitely dense. That is to say, between any two irrational (or rational) numbers there is an infinite number of irrational numbers. So, for any irrational number close to 6 it is always possible to find another that is closer; and then another that is even closer; and then another that is even closer that that, ...

Is 6 a rational or irrational number?

6 is a rational number.

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