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The area of Circle S can be found by using the area formula for circles. The area of a circle is pi times the radius squared. So, the area of Circle S with a 1 inch radius is Pi inches squared.

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Q: What is area of s circle with 1 inch radius?
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What is the area of a circle radius equal to 1?

The area of a circle is pi times (radius squared) Thus if radius is one inch then area is (pi) times (1) times (1) = pi = 3.1416 inches squared

What is the area of a square inside a circle where the radius of the circle is 2 inches?

1/2 inch

What is the radius of a 2 inch circle?

1 inch

Why is the diameter of a circle with a radius of 1 inch?

It is because your 1 inch is one circle 1 inch one circle one of each get it.

If a circle has a radius of 1 inch what is the circle's diameter?

2 inches. the radius is half of the diameter

If a circle's area is 3.14 what is the value of its radius?

If a circle's area is 3.14 (Pi), its radius is: about 1.

What is the area of a circle that has a 25 inch diameter?

Calculate the radius, which is simply 1/2 the diameter. Then use the standard formula for the area of a circle. ________________________________________________________________ The circle area = (pi) x diameter / 4 = 3.14 x 25/4 = 19.625 Sq inch

Area of a circle with 2 inch diameter?

In a circle, Area = pi times radius squared: A = (pi)(r^2) Since the diameter equals 2 inches, the radius is one inch: A = (pi)(1^2) A = pi = 3.14 inches squared

What is the diameter of an 1 inch circle?

1" if it's a 1" diameter circle, 2" if it's a 1" radius circle.

How many square inches are in a 10 inch diameter circle?

The area of a circle = (pi)(radius squared); radius = 1/2 the diameter. Therefore, this circle has an area of (pi)(52) = 79 square inches, to the justified number of significant digits.

What is the circumference of a circle with the radius of 1 inch?

Multiply the radius by (2 x pi).

What if the radius of a circle is 1 inch What is the diameter?

2 inches