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(m-2)/(m+2) * m/(m-1) = [(m-2)*m]/[(m+2)*(m-1)] = (m2 - 2m)/m2 + m - 2)

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is m-2 over m plus 2 times m over m-1?
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What is the difference between M1 and M2?

What is the difference between M1 and M2?

What represents the correct relationship between the slopes of perpendicular lines?

If the slopes are m1 and m2 then m1*m2 = -1 or m2 = -1/m1.

What is the formula for elastic collision?

if we assume m1 (mass) and v1 (velocity) for first mass , m2 and v2 for second mass ,we have : m1 v1i + m2 v2i = m1 v1f + m2 v2f and 1/2 m1 v1i2 + 1/2 m2 v2i2 = 1/2 m1 v1f2 +1/2 m2 v2f2 i : initial f : final This is a simplified version: vf1= ((m1-m2)/(m1+m2))(v1i)+ (2m2/(mi+m2)vi2

What is the difference between the M1 and M2 money supply?

M1 is what is outside the banking system: Your cash, coins, your checking account. M2 is: All of M1 plus, savings accounts, money in banks, small time deposits...etc .

If the m1 equals SA and m3 equals 23 what is the m?

if(m1>m2) f=m1; s=(m2>m3)?m1!m3 what its meaning of this?

Differ between M1 and M2?

The M1 Carbine was semi auto, the M2 carbine was full auto.

How much would an object weigh if it were four times farther from the center of the earth?

weight, w = G * m1 * m2 / r^2, where G = the universal gravitational constant, m1 = the mass of the object, m2 = the mass of the earth, and r = the separation between the center of gravity of the object and that of the earth. w1 = G * m1 * m2 /(r1^2) -- > the weight when r = r1 w2 = G * m1 * m2 /(r2^2) -- > the weight when r = r2 Given: r2 = 4 * r1 w2 = G * m1 * m2 /(16 r1^2) = w1 / 16 Hence, the object will be 16 times lighter when it is situated 4 times farther away.

How many boxes of book paper can be printed by M1 in 10 hours or 120x plus 160 hours or 30x squared plus 40x hours M1 can print a box of paper in 3 hours while M2 can be done in 3x plus 20 hours?

*Edit* M2 can print a box of paper in 3x plus 20 hours.

Why are m3 and m2 higher than m1?

because 3>2>1 ? Other than that, depends on what m1,m2 and m3 represent.

What are differences between M1 money and M2 money?

M1 money is transaction money, It includes: Coins of all denominations, Paper money including all types of notes, Checking accounts and Traveler's checks. M2 money is M1 money plus Close substitutes ( savings accounts/deposits).

How do you write c code for ternary search?

this procedure work for ternary search int tsearch(int *a,int i,int j,int k) { int m1,m2,len; len = j - i + 1 ; m1=i + (int)floor((float)(len))/3; m2=i + (int)ceil((float)(len))/3; if(k==a[m1]) { printf("\nno found at %d",m1); return m1; } else if(k==a[m2]) { printf("\nno found at %d",m2); return m2; } if(len!= 0) { if(k<a[m1]) return(tsearch(a,i,m1-1,k)); if(k>a[m2]) return(tsearch(a,m2+1,j,k)); } else return -1 ; }

What happens to the gravitational force when the distance between the 2 objects is trippled?

The force, written as an equation, is:F = G (m1)(m2) / r2, whereF is the Force between the massesG is the gravitational constant (~= 6.674 x 10-11 N m2/kg2)m1 is one of the massesm2 is the other massr is the distance between the masses (center to center)Take the formula, and solve for r (I'll show the steps): Fold = G (m1)(m2) / r2.(r2)(Fold)= G (m1)(m2)(r2)= G (m1)(m2) / (Fold)r= √ [ G (m1)(m2) / (Fold) ]Plug the formula into itself, but remember, r = 3r (it tripled).Fnew= G (m1)(m2) / (3r)2.Fnew= G (m1)(m2) /(3√ [ G (m1)(m2) / (Fold) ])2.Fnew=G (m1)(m2)/(32G (m1)(m2) / (Fold) )

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