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The center circle on an NBA regulation Basketball court has a circumference of 37.7 feet (37 feet 8.4 inches).

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Q: What is the Circumference of center circle on a basketball court?
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What is the circle in the center of the basketball court called?

This circle is called the center circle.

What is the diameter of center court in a basketball court?

The diameter of the center court circle in the NBA and WNBA is 12 feet. In FIBA (the International Basketball Federation) the circle is slightly smaller with a diameter of 11.81 feet.

What is the circumference of a basketball court?

18.66759 cm

How big is the circle in the middle of a basketball court?

The center circle is 12 feet by 12 feet and is 38 feet away from the side line.

What is the center in a basketball court called?

Half court.

What is the size of the center circle on a netball court?

Centre Circle

What is the guard position on the basketball court?


What is he name of the circle in the middle of the basketball court?

my left ball sack

How is a basketball game started?

A basketball game starts in the center of the court with a tip off.

Where do basketball starters stand at tip off?

The starting players have to stand outside of the center court circle, except for the two players jumping for the tip-off. The two "jumpers," usually the centers, stand opposite each other on opposite sides of the center court line facing their goals in the middle of the circle. The players outside of the circle may stand anywhere, but they usually line up around the permimeter of the center circle.

In Basketball how do they determine which team takes which side of the court to start the game?

with a jumpball at center court

What is the stadium name of the Ohio state basketball court?

The Schottenstein Center

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