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The annual compound interest rate is 18 percent.

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Q: What is the annual compound interest rate for an investment account modeled by the function y 12 1.18t?
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If you have an account with an annual simple interest rate of 2.1 percent. You have a principle of 450.00 calculate your interest and your principle for two years?

18.90 as an interest. and principle wil remain same.

Calculate the simple interest you would receive in one year on a savings account that earns 5 percent annual interest What if your beginning balance is 255.19?


What is the interest compounded annually when 5000 is invested in an account paying 6.38 percent interest for 10 years?

At the end of the first year, the balance in the account is: 5000(1+.0638). At the end of the second year, the balance in the account is: 5000(1+.0638)(1+.0638). At the end of the third year, the balance in the account is: 5000(1+.0638)(1+.0638)(1+.0638). At the end of the t year, the balance in the account is: 5000(1+.0638)^t. So, at the end of the tenth year, the balance in the account is 5000(1+.0638)^10 = 9,280.47. $5,000 is your principal, and the remaining ($9,280.47 - $5,000) = $4,280.47 is the interest.

What does quarterly mean in compounded interest?

It means that the interest is paid out every three months (quarter year). That means that the interest paid out after 3 months is earning interest for the remaining nine months. The quarterly interest rate is such that this compounding is taken into account for the "headline" annual rate. As a result, if the quarterly interest is taken out, then the total interest earned in a year will be slightly less than the quoted annual rate.

What is tare function?

Tare weight is the weight of the empty container. A tare function enables a scale to account for the weight of the container and display only the additional weight of the contents.

Related questions

Is the interest earn t in a bank account classed as an investment?

Interest earned in a bank account is not an investment. It is considered an income. The money that you have in the bank account that earned the interest for you is considered the investment

What is a compound interest savings account?

Its where your savings account earns interest on the interest.

What is the function of a money market savings account?

The function of a money market savings account is to earn a higher interest on your balance. Interest is based on current rates in the money markets. A minimum balance is usually required for investment.

How can you use compound interest in a sentence?

This new type of bank account has compound interest.

Does the amount of interest earned each year increase decrease or stay the same in a simple interest account What about in a compound interest account?

Simple interest: stays the same. Compound interest: increases.

What makes a savings account a better investment than a checking account?

A savings account earns interest.

What makes a saving account a better investment than checking account?

A savings account earns interest.

What makes a savings than a checking account account a better investment?

A savings account earns interest.

What makes a savings account a better investment than a checkings account?

A savings account earns interest.

How much interest is earned on the account?

A $5000 investment at an annual simple interest rate of 4.4% earned as much interest after one year as another investment in an account that earned 5.5% annual simple interest. How much was invested at 5.5%?

What are the elements of investment?

if a man opens a bank account and keeps a certain sum at certain rate of interest he will get back money with interest when he with draws money, a bank account represent only the investment element.

Is simple interest the same as compound daily interest?

No. The "simple interest" method of calculation does not compound interest. It takes the annual interest rate and divides it by 365 to get the daily rate. The daily rate is then multiplied by the current balance to get the amount of interest that accrues per day. This interest is kept in a separate account from the principle, and interest does not accrue on the balance of that account. In compound interest, the principle and interest are kept in the same account, so interest accrues on past interest.

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