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The circumference of a circle with a 20.5 inch diameter is 64.4 inches.

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Q: What is the circumference of a circle with a 20.5 inch diameter?
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What is the area of a circle with a circumference of 410 meters?

Circumference = 2pi*r 410 = 2pi*r r = 205/pi A = pi*r^2 A = pi*(205/pi)^2 A = 205^2/pi metres A = 42 025/pi metres

205 inch is equal to how many cm?

205 inch is equals to 520.7 centimeters

What is the circumference of a car tire?

Check the sidewall markings. For example, it might say: "205/55 R16 91H" For circumference, you need the first three numbers. (The last number is the weight rating, the last letter is the speed rating. The "R" means radial, which all modern tires are.)205 is the width in mm55 is the ratio of the sidewall height in percentage of the width. (IOW: 55% of 205 mm)16 is the wheel diameter in inchesFirst convert the tire width to inches:205 / 25.4 = 8.07 inThen get the sidewall height:8.07 * 55% = 4.44 inThe diameter of the tire is the wheel diameter plus two sidewall heights:16 + 4.44 + 4.44 = 24.88 inFinally, circumference is 2 * Pi * radius, or pi * diameter:3.14 * 24.88 = 78.1 inIn one formula, the above would be:( (205/25.4 * 55/100 * 2) + 16) * PI()Also, there are many online calculators that will calculate all this for you.

Is there a deference in speed if your car calls for tire size 205 70r14 and you have 205 75r14?

no circumference same

What scientist calculated the earth's circumference?

Eratosthenes is credited with calclating the circumference of the Earth at the equivalent of 25,000 miles/40,000km in about 205 BCE.

Can you replace 205 65 R16 with 225 60 R16 tires as Diameter Difference is 0.49 percent?

what is the diameter difference from a 205/65/16 vs. 225/60/16

How many feet are 205 inches?

205/12 = 17 feet and 1 inch left over

Can you use 205 55r 16 tires in place of 205 50r 16 tires?

You can but your speedometer will be off. The 205/50-16 has a diameter of 24.1 " and the 205/55-16 has a diameter of 24.9". That is a difference of .8". I suggest you stick with the OEM size. Click the link to see what effect different sizes will have.

What tire replaces 6.40x15?

205 70h15 is the most common replacement. 6.40xa5 is 26.52" in diameter, while 205 70h15 is 26.30". If you could find a 205 75h15, this is perfect.

Give me the computation of cubic meter of a gasoline tank with 552 inch in long and 136 inch in height with radios of 96 inch?

ANSWER Volume -> 3.14 * 40 * 40 * 240 = 1 205 760 cubic inch 1 205 760 cubic inch = 19.76 cubic meter

Can a 205 60R15 be substituted for a 205 55R15?

The chart on the related link indicates that the diameter of these tire sizes is different. See it for more information.

Is 205 Cm equals to 8 inches?

No.1 inch = 2.54 cm8 inches = 8 inches * 2.54 cm/1 inch = 20.32 cm205 cm = 205 cm * 1 inch/2.54 cm =80.71 inches

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