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Independent variable: number of completed passes

Dependent variable: number of touchdowns scored

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Q: What is the independent and dependent variable of How does the number of passes affect the number of touchdowns scored?
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Does the independent variable affect the dependent variable?

yes, because dependent variable is made by independent variable

How does the independent variable affect the dependent variable?

the dependent variable changes based on the independent variable

Whats the diffrence between the independent varible and dependent varible?

The independent variable may - or may not - affect the dependent variable. But the dependent doe not affect the independent.

How to identify independent and dependent variables in an experiment?

If changes in one variable do not affect the outcome of another variable, then the second variable is independent. A variable that is not independent is dependent.

What is the the variable you change to see how it will affect the dependent variable?

independent variable

What are some facts about independent and dependent variable?

An independent variable is a variable which, in the context of the experiment or the observations, can affect the dependent variable but is not affected by it. By contrast, the dependent variable is affected by changes in the independent variable. It is quite possible that there is no independent variable, as such, and each variable affects the other.

An variable is changed to determine how it will affect the dependent variable?

The type of variable that responds to the dependent variable is called the independent variable.

What are the three variables in an experiment?

The three variable in an experiment are independent, dependent, and controlled. The independent is the variable you control, the dependent is the variable that will change according to the independent. The control is kept constant so they do not affect the dependent.

Which of the following is the dependent variable in this experiment?

The independent variable is the one that the experimenter changes, and the dependent variable is the response. For example - if you were doing an experiment about the affect of temperature on growth rates: Temperature = Independent variable Growth = Dependent variable

What is definition and examples of dependent variable and independent variable?

I'm doing a science project on if fingerprint patterns are inherited? what is the control, independent variable and dependent variable? An ''independent variable is a ''variable which is presumed to affect or determine a dependent ''variable. independent variable is typically the variable being manipulated or changed and the dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated.'''''' Example; In price and sales relationship one can manipulate price to check its effect on sales, so sale is dependent and price is independent variable.

The difference between independent variable and dependent variables?

The independent variable is the variable that you are curious about, and that you are going to change is some systematic way in an experiment to see what affect your changes make. What you check, to see if there are differences, is the dependent variable. According to your hypothesis, the values of the dependent variable will 'depend' on how you manipulate the independent variable.

How does the number of speakers affect the amount of noise in a room independent variable and Dependent variable?

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