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Q: What is the least common denominator for 2 3 and 1 5?
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What is the least common denominator of 2 3 and 7?

The numbers 7, 3, and 2 share no common denominator. They are prime numbers.

The smallest number that can be divided by two or more different denominators?

The smallest number that can be divided by two or more different denominator is 2. It can be divided by itself and 1.

Is 2 over 5 more than 3 over 7?

I suggest you do the following: 1) Find a common denominator of 5 and 7. (It need not be the least common denominator; multiplying the two denominators works for our purposes.) 2) Convert both fractions to equivalent fractions with this denominator. 3) Compare the numerators of the fractions thus converted.

What are the steps in solving rational equations?

1. First we need to determine the least common denominator of the fractions in the given rational equation. 2. We need to take out the fractions by multiplying All terms by the least common denominator. 3. Then we have to simplify the terms in rational equation. 4. Solve the resulting equation. 5. Check the answers to make confident the solution does not make the fraction undefined.

How do you minus fractions?

First, you have to have a lowest common denominator. Eg: 1/2 - 6/13 The lowest common denominator is 26, because 13 * 2 is 26. You multiply 1/2 by 13, to make the denominator 26, which equals 13/26, then multiply 6/13 by 2 to get 12/26. So the equation with the lowest common denominators now plugged in is: 13/26 - 12/26 Subtract the numerators (13 and 12), so the answer is 1/26.