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1/5 has no improper fraction and 2/5 has no imporper fraction

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Q: What is the mixed fraction and improper fraction of 1 and 2 over 5?
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Steps for multipling fractions and mixed numbers?

to multiply fractions add them together and reduce the final fraction. to multiply mixed numbers, first make the mixed number an improper fraction, by mulitplying the whole number and the denominator and adding the answer to the numerator. Example: The improper fraction 8/5 can be changed to the mixed number 1 3/5 by dividing the numerator (8) by the denominator (5). This gives a quotient of 1 and a remainder of 3. The remainder is placed over the divisor (5).

How do you evaluate a fraction of 10 over 7?

How many lots of '7' can you get out of '10' . Answer' 1 lot iuth a remainder of '3' Hence from and improper fraction to (1-/7) to a mixed number it is 1 3/7

How do you write an improper fraction as a whole or mixed number?

Mixed numbers include both integers and fractions. Example : 1 1/2Improper fractions have a larger numerator than denominator (they have a value greater than 1).Example : 14/7These forms are interchangeable. Multiplying the whole number by the denominator, and adding, will change a mixed number to an improper fraction.2 3/4 = [(2x4) + 3] / 4 = 11/4To change an improper fraction to a mixed number, divide the numerator by the denominator, and combine the whole number with the remaining fraction.15/7 = 2 plus remainder 1 = 2 1/7

What is 6 and 1 2 in a improper fraction?

13 over 2. Learn ur stuff kid!

How do you make a proper fraction into an improper fraction?

Ussaly when you have an improper fraction, you need to convert it into a mixed number, which means dividing out the parts that give you a whole number and leaving the extras in the fraction An exmple is 9/5, first you take out 5 from the top, to get a one, and are left with 4/5, so your answer is 1 4/5.

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How do you change 50 over 45 mixed number to an improper fraction?

50/45 is an improper fraction. 1 and 1/9 is an equivalent mixed number in lowest form.

What is the mixed number from the improper fraction 1 over 3?

1/3 is a proper fraction.

Is 5 over 5 an improper fraction?

Yes, it is improper. An Improper fraction is a fraction that can be simplified as a mixed/whole number. So 5/5 can be simplified to 1.

What is 45 over 22 as an improper fraction?

45/22 is already an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it is 2 1/22.

What is improper fraction of seven over 6 as a mixed number?

1 1/6

What is the mixed number of the improper fraction seven over six?

1 1/6

Improper fraction mixed number 19 over 3?

6 and 1 over 3

What type of fraction is 43 1 over 23?

43 and 1/23 is a mixed number. As a fraction, it would be improper.

How to subtract a mixed number from a whole number?

You convert the mixed numeral into an improper fraction. Now subtract the improper fraction from the whole number by putting the whole number over 1.

What is the mixed number of the improper fraction nine over four?

2 1/4

What is the mixed number of the improper fraction seven over five?

1 2/5

What is the mixed number for the improper fraction of 7 over 5?

1 and 2/5